Our Story

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Harper + Wilde is the essence of originality. Unique, Exclusive + Bold. Our designs transcend the ordinary, capture imagination and create a tactile, sensory experience in any space.
— Alisha Rae, Director

Our Story

Based in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Harper + Wilde is the soul expression of artist and designer Alisha Rae. With over 10 years experience in the interior styling industry, Alisha is a true creative at heart and loves nothing more than to create beautiful, tactile pieces that add a sense of travelled diversity and interest to any interior. 

The story of Harper + Wilde began when Alisha was sourcing products for her clients’ homes and was underwhelmed by the availability of pieces that were unique, eye catching, of a high quality and made in Australia. Soon after she had her first child, and through the beauty of this raw, soul baring experience, Alisha felt uncompromising in her artistic journey and the need to express herself authentically and instinctively, and thus Harper + Wilde was born. 

Style + Quality

Harper + Wilde pieces are designed as a work of art. A statement piece to which all attention is drawn; its presence becomes a part of your story; a piece you can treasure forever. Each piece will infuse your space with soul, warmth + character.

Each piece from Harper + Wilde's bespoke range is 100% designed and made in Sydney, Australia.

Unique, distinct + exclusive, we are passionate about creating beautiful, high quality, homewares that speak to the wild heart in us all.

100% Handmade + Tailored To You

Harper + Wilde take pride in creating high quality pieces that are 100% crafted by hand. We celebrate diversity, that is why we provide you with the opportunity to tailor each element exactly as you wish. Like a constellation of stars, we are each comprised of differences in preference, aesthetics and textures, and it is our mission to help you embrace and express the beauty of you.

In a world where mass production has become the norm there is something very special about knowing that no one will ever have the exact same piece as you. Yours is truly one of a kind.