Agate Book Ends | Grey

Agate Book Ends | Grey


These agate bookends are a stunning way to add that element of luxe to your decor.

Agate is a beautifully grounding crystal, it vibrates at a lower frequency to crystals such as Clear Quartz and Selenite, so it has a gentle pull towards healing and balance, an amazing energy to bring into your home. 
Agate Bookends are a wonderful way to add the energy of crystals to your space in a more refined way, if you’re not someone who is into the aesthetics of raw crystals. 

Each agate bookend is polished to reveal the stone's naturally occurring patterns and come as a set of 2. They are truly unique pieces, no two are the same and we only have a limited number available.

As they are all unique, please see number on individual product image to select the piece you would like to purchase. 

Product of Brazil.

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