Gold Plated Agate book ends | Set of 2

Gold Plated Agate book ends | Set of 2


These stunning gold plated agate bookends are the epitome of luxe.

Agate is a beautifully grounding crystal, it vibrates at a lower frequency to crystals such as Clear Quartz and Selenite, so it has a gentle pull towards healing and balance, an amazing energy to bring into your home. 
Agate Bookends are a wonderful way to add the energy of crystals to your space in a more refined way, if you’re not someone who is into the aesthetics of raw crystals. 

Each agate bookend is polished to reveal the stone's naturally occurring patterns and the rough side is electroplated in gold metal. They come as a set of 2. They are truly unique pieces, no two are the same and we only have a limited number available.

As they are all unique, please see number on individual product image to select the piece you would like to purchase. 

Product of Brazil.



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