Black Quartz Points

Black Quartz Points

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Tibetan Black Quartz, found in the Himalayan mountains, is a powerful protective crystal that can ward off negativity and is known as a master healer.

More rare than others in the quartz family, the stone amplifies energy, emotion and thought. It regulates energy, promoting balance and clarity, and drawing off negative energy of all kinds.

The healing properties will cleanse and purify you and the environment you are in, prviding clarity and balance. It is an excellent crystal for meditation, allowing you to centre and unlock your higher conciousness.

This beautiful stone supports and pretects you emotionally when you are going through times of change, uncertainaty and worry.

Polished to reveal the dreamy cloudy patterns and details, the stones are beautiful as a stand alone piece or as a pair.

Small approx 9cm H

Large approx 11cm H

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