Coral | Cauliflower

Coral | Cauliflower

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Stunning hand selected coral pieces. These are large statement pieces, absolutely gorgeous styling additions.

Please be aware that this is a natural product and thus will have inherent natural flaws and differences, something that we consider special and unique.

As they are all unique, please see number on individual product image to select the piece you would like to purchase. 

Please note that dimensions listed below are approximate.

Piece #1 W23cm x H30cm

Piece #2 W27cm x H17cm

Piece #3 W21cm x H16cm

Piece #4 W23cm x H11cm

Piece #5 W30cm x H13cm

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Environmental impact + sustainability.

If a natural resource is offered for sale we should be informed and comfortable about how it is collected. When coral harvesting is managed properly it is sustainable. Coral pieces offered for sale by Harper + Wilde are not sourced from The Great Barrier Reef. All of our corals are imported from the Pacific region and as such are subject to stringent compliance to the International Environmental Convention, CITES. We have been assured our pieces are collected from overseas areas and zones that have not been subjected to coral bleaching. 

Full documentation of coral types and quantities collected are recorded and a rotation of collection areas as well as a rotation of zones in those areas is undertaken. Follow up inspections by environment officials in the countries involved also oversee the collection areas in case of unacceptable abuse or damage.

Australia and New Zealand under the convention have an obligation to foster and assist the undeveloped nations in our region. There is great benefit to these countries in being able to export a product that regenerates itself. Many of the communities involved have no services or employment so this resource is critical to them. The company that we purchase coral from has had over 38 years in the marine import / export industry and would not be involved if there were negative issues in providing this product to the market place.