Jade Face Roller

Jade Face Roller


Our new favourite beauty and relaxation ritual... This incredible Jade Face Roller by the gorgeous Luxe Aestiva combines so many elements that we love. It is beautiful, made of gorgeous natural jade and is so good for your skin as well as being a wonderfully relaxing daily ritual.

Keep your Jade Face Roller in the refrigerator and use on freshly cleansed skin alone or after applying a serum or moisturiser. Apply gentle pressure while rolling the jade over your face in an outward motion to assist in sweeping away toxins and balancing excess fluid. 

This traditional Chinese anti wrinkle and anti ageing beauty tool has been used for thousands of years to depuff and smooth skin and  promote youthful appearances. A few benefits include:

+clear fluid

+boost circulation

+improve elasticity

+promote cell turnover for a brighter, healthier look

+lymphatic drainage

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