Cuttle + Cowrie Wall Hanging

Cuttle + Cowrie Wall Hanging

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Our beautiful Cuttle + Cowrie is a combination of our original Cascade Cuttle + Cowrie designs, joined to make one stunning statement piece. 

Made with hand rolled clay beads, Ovula Ovum Cowrie shells and cuttlefish bone, each piece meticulously shaped and sanded to perfection, before being finalised on wire covered with hemp rope. Designed and made in Sydney by Harper + Wilde.

Available in Natural or black / white painted cuttle.

Available in black, natural or white hemp.

SIZING- Available in Small + Medium. Please note that listed sizes are a guide only to give an indication of scale. These are hand crafted products made with organic materials and by nature will have their own variations and take on their own form; therein lies their beauty. We make to an original design template however are more focused on each individual piece being beautifully proportioned rather than uniform in size.

Approximate dimensions:

S H 28 cm x W 22 cm | M H 45 cm x W 30 cm

Small Suitable for 45 cm Stand | Medium suitable for 55 cm Stand (**Stand sold separately)

Please note: This product is made to order, allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


Cuttle Colour:
Hemp Colour:
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Cuttlefish bone is a natural product and very delicate by nature. Being natural, each piece is unique and there will be natural variations in the texture, shape and colour of each piece.

To avoid damage, please hang or place your piece somewhere it is not likely to be bumped and avoid excessive handling. We also recommend that it is not hung in direct sunlight or directly in front of an air conditioning unit, as extreme changes in temperature can cause the cuttle to split.

If being hung, please ensure the hook is secure, your piece will break if it falls. We strongly advise against the use of sticky hooks.