Celestite Cave

Celestite Cave


Celestite crystal is the most exquisite soft blue, and has a beautifully gentle, uplifting vibration. It is calming and nurturing, and good in times of emotional upheaval, having a gentle soothing effect. It is perfect for mediation as it helps to quieten your thoughts and transition you into a peaceful state of awareness.

It aids mental clarity, while also helping you attune to your spirituality and tap into your intuitive abilities. It supports the throat, crown and third eye chakras for spiritual growth. It is a beautiful stone to hold during meditation to help connect to your spirit guides, and when it touches your skin, it instantly lifts the mood and brings purity to the heart.

Celestite brings resounding peace, because when you connect to a higher state of being, it opens you up to mental clarity, the key to resolving conflicts in relationships.

This incredible multifaceted Celestite Cave stands 16cm high and 14cm wide. The large druzy points within are unique and rare.

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