Meditation Stones | Rose Quartz

Meditation Stones | Rose Quartz

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Beautiful Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love.

Characterised by its beautiful pink tones, Rose Quartz has a feminine, nurturing energy. It opens up the Heart Chakra, and facilitates love flowing into your life by heightening your consciousness. It stabilises, soothes and nourishes emotion, while it’s healing properties promote forgiveness and a more empathetic perspective, allowing love to grow and thrive.

Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone to use in meditation to attract love and compassion into your life. Be still, clear your mind and inhale the energy of universal love while holding your Rose Quartz stone. On your exhale, release any stress, angst or negativity you have been holding. Practice this for a few minutes whenever you feel overwhelmed or out of balance, to help realign, refocus and centre.

Our stress relieving Dimple Stone is the perfect piece for on the go, slipping easily into a pocket. It is the perfect shape to sit between your thumb and forefinger, and running your thumb gently across the curve is incredibly calming. Our beautiful Meditation Wands sit so comfortably in a curled palm, and their weight is beautifully soothing.

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