Concrete Pots

Concrete Pots

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Zakkia's concrete pots are gorgeous handmade pieces, each with their own unique texture and markings. 

Available in two sizes and in Black or Natural Grey.

These pots are waterproof so they also work beautifully as a vase or wine cooler. The smaller size is perfect for a utensil or cutlery holder.

Please note: Pots do not have drainage holes.

SMALL H 13.5cm x W 13.5cm

LARGE H 19.7cm x W 20cm. 

Material: Polystone/sandpowder/concrete mix.

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Care: Zakkia's concrete items can be exposed to water and will dry back to their natural colour. As they are natural concrete they can be quite porous, thus if any other liquid is spilled on the product, we recommend scrubbing the item with a toothbrush & dishwashing detergent to remove the stain.