Concrete Trays

Concrete Trays

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This iconic Zakkia concrete tray has a nice solid feel to it and is perfect for serving food and drinks or styling your favourite surfaces. Each piece is handmade with its own unique texture and markings. 

The tray is made of a mix of concrete, stone powder and polystone, giving it that nice concrete feel while  being a lot stronger than normal concrete. Concrete is a glorious natural product, and being so raw it is recommended that the tray is kept out of contact with oil and other greasy substances.

Available in two sizes and in Black or Natural Grey.

SMALL H 3cm x Diameter 30cm 

LARGE H 3cm x Diameter 45cm

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Care: Zakkia's concrete items can be exposed to water and will dry back to their natural colour. As they are natural concrete they can be quite porous, thus if any other liquid is spilled on the product, we recommend scrubbing the item with a toothbrush & dishwashing detergent to remove the stain.